Successful entrepreneurs reveal how they found inspiration and made millions, so you can make Millions too

Thursday, 14 December 2017


        The world is changing continually, and so is entrepreneurship, when we look around we think that all the ideas in this world have been invented or created, and every business, marketing and sales model have been developed.

But every day a few outstanding people still come up with new ideas and business plans either solving problems already in this world, or making life easier for us and saving us more time. And we look at this successful people as geniuses or gods in their own field, while we go and work for them and end up climbing a corporate ladder with our aim to just be comfortable or to finally get to the top of that ladder and we think we have attained success ourselves.

But the truth is “That ladder never ends”. Even when we think we have gotten to the top, in a flash it can all be gone and we find ourselves crashing down that same ladder.

What of here in Africa, where most countries see themselves as being underdeveloped and most times the government as corrupt, and we think this is the limiting factor that is stopping us from coming up with great ideas and chasing our dream of being successful.

The truth is: this way of thinking is just absurd and YOU have to change it before YOU can start your journey to being who YOU want to be and getting to where your dreams are. It is even easier for you to come up with businesses and ideas in YOUR disorganized nation because there are a lot of problems that haven’t been solved, and business areas that haven’t been exploited in your countries.

If you are looking for inspiration, I can tell you that you are in the right place, following this post will be other posts about some successful African men and women who  have come up with great business ideas and others who have just been doing what they love and have excelled in their various areas and fields to the point of being millionaires.

 Some of them have even sold their businesses for millions and substantially more to follow other dreams and interests. And I think this is the dream of every entrepreneur.

So the message of this blog is this. It is evident from the diversity of experiences detailed here that there is no blueprint to becoming a successful entrepreneur and no right or wrong way of going about it. What really matters is having the right attitude, which means that if you really want it badly enough, you have as much chance as anyone else of defying the statistics and becoming one of the success stories.

As Francis Grogan, co-founder of Zambeef products in Zambia says: “Do what you are good at, but do it well. If you like tuning pianos, set up a piano tuning business. If you like baking bread, then do that – but whatever it is, do it well”.

As the entrepreneurs in this blog show, all you really need is the determination to make it work, the persistence to keep at it when things go wrong, and the absolute conviction that anything is possible if you really believe in it enough. And the courage to make up your own rules on the way.

I hope this whole blog will inspire you. Good luck.


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